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Three Ways to Get Your Backlinks on Scores.fm


Although not everyone who visits our site has a website of their own, many do. Because we're webmasters ourselves, we know that you are always interested in gaining more backlinks, more traffic, and even just plain ol' more notoriety. The good news is that we can help you with all of that.

For as long as Google remains the undisputed King of Search, page rank will remain an important consideration. Raising your page rank will improve your search listings and bring more traffic to your website. Increasing the number of backlinks to your site, from relative and trusted sources, is still the easiest way to improve your pagerank. The more high quality backlinks there are pointing to your site, the more important you become. It's literally that simple.

There are a few different ways that you can add a backlink to your site from Scores.fm. If you have a website or blog that is related to sports, then backlinks from our site should help your page rank. Once you see how to instantly put backlinks to yourself on Scores.fm, you'll probably notice a lot of other places where you can do similar link building.

Try as many of these as you wish...

Fan Zone Profile

Simply register on the Scores.fm website and you will instantly have a profile on the Scores.fm Fan Zone. If you wish to visit your profile and fill out extended information, one of the options available is to list the address of your website. This becomes a link to you on your profile page, instantly giving yourself a backlink.

Guest Blog for Us

If you already have a sports related website or blog, then you are probably both knowledgable and passionate about the subject. This makes you an excellent candidate for guest blogging on our website. You can either report a sports news story, or go for a true blog format and gives us something editorial in nature. The author bio portion at the end of the article will contain a link to your website, giving you yet another backlink. If you're interesting in guest blogging, contact us to set it up.

Sports Directory

Add your website to our Sports Directory for an instant backlink. This is the only option that comes with a catch. In order to be listed in the Sports Directory, you have to provide a link back to us as well. The link can be placed in any obscure corner of your website that you wish. We recommend picking a keyword on one of your articles and making it a link.

These are just three places where our site can create backlinks pointing to yours. I bet there are others, if you take the time to look for them.

Jerry Garner

Jerry is the founder of Scores.fm, and a serial entrepreneur who has been involved with the formation of many publishing and broadcasting ventures.

Website: www.scores.fm
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